When Ino eventually (possibly?) becomes a member of the T&I Department she ends up being requested for Interrogations, but whenever she does go to interrogate people, they laugh, because she hardly looks threatening standing next to Ibiki, or any other member. No one knows what she does (it's open to interpretation), but at the end of every interrogation the people who laughed are left crying. (This one isn't that good, but I lost my headcanon list! At least I can say I tried!)
Write a Headcanon about my character

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 You look like an Angel

                                                          Walk like an Angel

 Talk like an Angel

                                                          But I got wise

           You’re the Devil in disguise

//I have an obsession with Ino joining the T&I  unit can’t you tell——

Yeah this is my idea for Ino in Naruto: The Last

I didn’t bother with the eyes because eyes are just not cooperating with me lately a;lksdfjasl;k But anyways, the outfit is pretty much garbage because I don’t know how to design things buuuut I do have an obsession with Ino having her dad’s interrogation jacket or getting one of her own because yes.

Mainly the only thing I really love bout this is the HAIR because I think her sweeping her bangs to the side, though a minor change, would turn out beautiful and she’d look more mature a;lksd;falj

If you couldn’t tell, headcanon /definitely/ accepted—-

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  1. ironmaneki-neko said: //She’d probably get her own since it’s standard T&I wear, although I could see her wearing her dad’s spares. Ibiki would be amused every time the laughing idiots started crying.
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